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Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation covers any dispute between businesses or their customers or suppliers. This can include private companies (for example PTY LTD or Close Corporations). 

In litigation, to achieve your objective, it is essential to tailor an effective legal strategy that will account for the potential twists and turns of the litigation processes. These processes broadly oversee a wide range of matters and contracts, like employment and salary agreements, environmental protection, and workplace safety. With this level of responsibility, it is no wonder why companies call on the litigation lawyers, who help them navigate challenging legal situations, while executives and managers attend to the day-to-day running of their business.  

Your specialist firm for:
Commercial Litigation


but not limited to

– Breach of contracts 

– Corporate disputes 

– Fraud disputes 

– Intellectual property disputes 

– Debt collection 

– Partnership or shareholder disputes 

– Employment disputes 

– Breach of fiduciary duty 

– Product liability claims 

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Possible Stages Of The Litigation Process

Commercial Litigation


Commercial Litigation


To be successful in a commercial litigation lawsuit or case, simply filing a strong lawsuit is not enough. It requires a sound strategy. This means that a lawyer will be assigned specifically to your case.  

Before commencing with commercial litigation procedures ensure you gather as many information and documents as possible and make sure your lawyer has spoken to all the witnesses involved. It is important to obtain expert legal advice early in the process, which will help you be properly prepared and access whether your opponent as the means to pay your claim.  

Set aside the time you need, as the commercial litigation process can take time, so you need to be prepared to commit to it. The preparation of a case can be time-consuming to manage, especially if you have an employee or colleague who needs to present evidence. 

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