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With over 8 years of experience in Labour Law, our firm prides itself in providing unique insight into the matters that arise between an employer and an employee. Our approach carefully considers the context in which Labour matters arise.

Below is a list of what we consider the most important key areas of Labour Law. Each key factor, links to a page filled with valuable topic insights, including our YouTube videos. 

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We understand that South African Labour Law can feel like a DIY project. At Legal Leaders, we provide an extensive variety of services which strategically provides solutions to labour related issues. 

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Getting it in writing, can often be easier said than done! 

Make sure your Contract of Employment says what it is supposed to say!

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Your workplace should be your safe place, however many employees are subjected to unfair treatment. 

Harassment can take on may forms. It can be sexual in nature, or workplace bulling. It can be physical, verbal or even visual. And it can happen to anyone.

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Disciplinary and corrective actions are not random. There are rules that should be followed by all concerned parties.

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If you’ve clicked here, you’ve probably heard about Section 189 of the Labour Relations Act. But there is a lot more to it.


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We assist with all aspects of regarding the CCMA:

Unfair Dismissal 

Constructive Dismissal 

How does the CCMA work? 

How we can assist you in opening your case

CCMA settlement awards.


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The South African Labour court can be very a intimidating experience. We deal with labour court matters frequently and are equipped in assisting you with any Labour court litigation matters. 

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How to prepare your cross examination


What to expect in your Disciplinary hearing?

Know the rules inorder to WIN!


Our strategy is simple:

Get our clients the results they want.

Suspensions and your rights

The 4 Stages of every CCMA case


  • Accountability: Holding ourselves accountable for results is a reflection of our commitment to our clients.
  • Data Driven: to ensure support in our goals, decision making, continuous excellent client service and digital intellectual rigor.
  • Excellence: Persistently pursuing the delivery of outstanding results in everything we do.
  • To Advocate: To support and defend our clients arguments with passion.
  • Dedicated to Winning: To honour our commitment to perseverance with the mind-set of never quitting.
  • Overwhelming Value:  We go above and beyond for our clients, maximizing the value of our services to our clients.

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