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Everyday thousands of South Africans face situations similar to yours. We know that, because we‘ve literally helped thousands of South Africans with their legal issues

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Our online system means we can offer real results in unreal time!

Before we have even met our attorneys have been through your case, know what the legal principles are at stake in your matter, and can assist you from minute 1!


30 Minutes: Most Labour basic Law issues – Fast, Effective, Efficient


60 Minutes: When things are not as straight forward, and you know 30 minutes is not enough


90 Minutes: Complex matters, normally of a highly personal nature, where we can really down to in-depth solutions.

Step 3: Book!

Once you pay you will be sent an email with a unique link to a data collection form dedicated to the area of law you need help with – we need this information to get to the real solution for you. Once you’ve filled it you will be able to select a timeslot where we can meet up with you. 

We offer both in-person or virtual meetings – the choice is yours!



Absolutely, but due to the nature of legal consultations, you are going to have to give us some time so that we can accommodate you. In both cases you will need to give us 48 hours’ notice.

The software that we use makes doing these changes really easy: Just follow the RESCHEDULE link from the confirmation email we send you.

YES. Remember, you will be meeting with an attorney in a personal capacity, so the meeting will be treated with the utmost of confidentiality.

In order to assist us understand your matter better, we encourage you to submit copies of documents that have a major bearing on your case. These could be your contract of employment, letter of termination, notice of motion, or any other number of documents.

ALL of these documents are meticulously collected, sorted and combined into YOUR single digital client file. This is in full compliance with POPIA regulations, so your confidentiality is ensured.

No. This meeting is a once-off payment for a once off meeting. If there is any more work required in your matter, we will advise you so, and provide a fee estimate. You are under no obligation to continue using our services.

As a law firm, we know the value of time, and how important it is. And as the person paying for the time, we know you are acutely aware of that too! That is why we use state of the art technology to carefully collect all key information on your matter PRIOR to us meeting. That information is then reviewed by the specialist attorney for your matter, again BEFORE you meet. In this way, all of the key information about your case is already established, allowing the attorney to interpret and apply your situation to our country’s laws.

We employ many people here at Moolla Attorneys Inc – one of them is Aslam Moolla (that attorney from YouTube and social media). Aslam often does our first consultations, and it is quite possible you will be meeting with him, but due to availability, it is possible you may be meeting with another one of our attorneys other than him.

Aslam Moolla is the CEO of Moolla Attorneys Inc. While he is ultimately responsible for all of our cases, more likely than not he will not be directly representing you in your case.

YES. Although we specialise in South African law, many of our clients live abroad, from Alabama to Zurich. Divorces; child custody; employment contracts: We should be able to assist in your matter.

We use the highest third-party security partners throughout our client engagement platforms.

At Legal Leaders we specialise in Family and Labour law

How can we help you ?


Amongst South Africa’s top firms is one that stands out from the rest.

We at Legal Leaders have a vision of educating one million South Africans of their rights. We do this through many tools: most well-known are our social media platforms. But there is a lot more to us than just talk.

We have partnered with Moolla Attorneys Inc: A law firm that specializes in labor law, family law and commercial litigation. They have established a reputation for bringing justice back, and letting South African’s stand up and be counted once again…

Through the use of  world-class advanced systems, South Africa’s top legal minds, and cutting-edge AI we are bringing the law into the 22nd century and beyond

Our unique partnerships mean that not only are we able to talk to your company or organization about the law and how you can be empowered, but we can do the same for individuals too. From asserting your constitutional rights through to opening a small claims court case, you need not do it alone.

And, because of our partners, we are not only bark, but can bite too. We have a dedicated team of world class lawyers ready to assist you if you need it.  

In this way you can get real legal advise on your matter, offering you real insight and options. CLICK HERE to book your consult TODAY.

The internet has no boarders, and nor does the law. No matter where you are, if you need to know something about South African law, or to speak to an expert on it, we are the team for you.

From consulting to global organizations, or helping to issue a divorce summons, out team can assist you.


Not everyone lives in Durban, or in South Africa, but that does not mean we cant meet you and assist in your matter.

Our fully automated system allows you to meet with us wherever you are: Face to face, or through any number of online meeting platforms.

More so, we have panel attorneys through out South Africa, so if you need us to visit you, that could also possibly be possible.

You can book 24/7, so right now you can start the process of resolving your issue. Immediately afterward payment is confirmed, you will receive an email that will contain the link to your own private and secure data collection form.

That form normally takes about 20 minutes to complete, but it largely depends on the complexity of your matter, and if you are a returning client.

From there you will be able to schedule your consult. Our attorneys operate on CAT, and usually keep South African business hours of Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.

However, if you need to meet at a time more convenient to you, just let us know and we can see how we can possibly accommodate you.

YES. Remember, you will be meeting with an attorney, and in a professional.capacity, so the meeting will be treated with the utmost of confidentiality.

In addition, the 3rd party apps  and partners we use offer the highest level of internet security, so you can be assure that EVERYTHING you tell us in CONFIDENTIAL.

What do we mean by Divorce law?

Def: separate or dissociate (something) from something else, typically with an undesirable effect

It is well known that a divorce can cost you a fortune.  But did you know that many South African s are now doing the divorces themselves?

You’ve probably seen us on YouTube and TikTok (and others!) but we actually do a whole lot more.

Not only do we help people do it themselves, but we are also a fully registered law firm and we represent many clients across South Africa.

We help with:

  • Mediations
  • Maintenance orders
  • Divorces
  • Anti-dissipation orders
  • Serving and filing
  • And so much more too

So if you’re looking for the best South African Divorce lawyers, you know where to look – and where to click

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Our clients love us to bits – so much so that a group volunteered to make a video about their experiences with us.

From all walks of life, across South Africa, we are the organization for you.

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